The Flow Partnership

Rejuvenating desertified and flooded lands with community collaboration

The Flow Partnership, a UK based NGO, works with partners to rejuvenate landscapes and counter the increasing threat of floods, droughts, soil erosion, habitat loss at their source. 


What we can do for you

Our partnership works across the spectrum, from top level government through to the grass roots in the following areas.

1. Policy and Law

We work to ensure policy makers and decision makers are aware of the benefits associated with community-based Natural Catchment Measures both for the natural world and government budgets. Linking national government priorities with local community needs through appropriate financial mechanisms is our on going work.

2. Project management and Implementation

We use our expertise from around the world, to translate government objectives into community projects, with clear guidelines, responsibilities and tasks. We carry out implementation of Natural Catchment Measures in water-stressed regions of the world, drawing from the 30 years experience of our partners in India, (Tarun Bharat Sangh), Slovakia , (People and Water) and the UK (the James Hutton Institute and Newcastle University).

3. Research

We conduct research on community-based water projects around the world, connecting them together and sharing best practice globally. “The New Water Paradigm” by our partners, People and Water in Slovakia calls for a new way to work with water, providing an evidence-based, scientific basis to this work.We are building a case study web-library of Natural Catchment Measures’ global best practice.

4. Education

Awareness and Education are vital for people to get into managing their landscapes in an effective and informed manner. As also teaching the next generation, the traditional wisdom that has managed landscapes in their regions . We are in the process of creating a practical educational program for people to learn and understand what they can do in their regions, learning from the experience of our growing family of global partners.

5. Finance and Investments

We provide financial models through which local community, businesses and investors can fund a project, backed by Government support. For example, our River and Landscape Bond (RLB) is a financial mechanism that aids governments, businesses and all other stake holders to undertake this work at a fraction of the cost of traditional hard engineering works.

We want local communities to have access to the knowledge, tools, wisdom and finance to look after the natural water holding capacity of their landscapes.

6. Contact Us

If you have any comments or questions about this notice, feel free to contact us at If you are a business, member of government, local council, local community, a land owner, a farmer or simply a concerned citizen and would like to do something for your region and local area, please contact us and we will connect you with our network. The Flow Partnership, project of Earthlinks UK.  Registered charity number 1133056