Lets save our mother earth before moving to mars

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The world’s first digital Crypto-Carbon-Water footprint dAPP for easily managing landscape water,  planting trees, and offsetting carbon.

Together we can combat climate change and promote sustainability


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The Green Environment

Incentivized tree planting, carbon trading, and climate change awareness. A revolution in green technology for a better environment.

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How it works?

Plant trees to get rewarded in digital tokens!

Send invoices, collect payment, convert payouts to fiat currency, or keep the cryptocurrency.

Terranova has made their system clear, concise and user-friendly because we are dedicated to make the world as transparent as possible.

Secure & insured

Terranova team is always making sure that their work schedule and workmanship will be reliable, insured and secure for everyone.

No limits

Terranova system is made for everyone and their is no limit to how much we can make our world better.

Our Partners

The Flow Partnership (TFP)

Finance and Investments

We provide financial models through which local community, businesses and investors can fund a project, backed by Government support.

Policy and Law

We work to ensure policy makers and decision makers are aware of the benefits associated with community-based Natural Catchment Measures.


We conduct research on community-based water projects around the world, connecting them together and sharing best practice globally.

The Flow Partnership, a UK based NGO, works with partners to rejuvenate landscapes and counter the increasing threat of floods, droughts, soil erosion, habitat loss at their source.